Beast Rune

Ernst's Beast Rune is not The Beast Rune, just a lesser version of it. It supposed to be called "Magic Beast Rune" instead.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Charm Arrow

Like the Japanese name for the rune, the spell is called "Hama". Hama in this case literally means "destroy evil spirit", thus the spell is Exorcism.

Do note that the word "hamaya" could technically mean Charm Arrow but you can't go adding letters to word to fit your translation. Work with what you got.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Die, Pigs!

This is interesting. Apparently someone had a meeting and said "I know! Let's forget this translating thing and throw in a Luca Blight reference instead!"

Yeah... okay. Never mind that the line isn't even supposed to be there.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC


Marinas name is spelled strangely differently, it's supposed to be Marino. The translators arbitrarily decided that she couldn't be called that because only male names end with "o" in the Western world.

Which means that there's a whole bunch of girls in Europe at least that are actually guys... Good to know! So if you ever go there and a girl introduces herself as "Lollo" or "Barbro" or something else ending in "o", you better run away.

It also raises some disturbing questions about Cleo in the original Suikoden...

That or you can just assume that the translators aren't entirely up to par on the international course.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Not interested

During the Sacred Games Ferid will ask you if you would like to meet Belcoot and you can reply "I'm not interested". It's not really wrong, they just left something out.

In the Japanese version the choice was "I'm not interested in men." reffering to the parts of the game where you can basically flirt with every girl you come across and as such wouldn't be interested in talking to a man.

This is just some peculiar attempt to be PC on Konami's side, not wanting to appear anti-gay I guess... never mind that it sorta ruins the joke. Especially considering that Ferid replies something about you taking after Kyle, who's very into girls. With the new version you're just showing a general un-interest which isn't a trademark of Kyle.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Resurrection Rune

Japanese name for this rune is "Hama". Hama in this case literally means "destroy evil spirit", thus you should call it the Exorcism Rune.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Sacred Games

The Sacred Games is literally called the Battle God Festival in Japanese, for some reason Konami changed it.

They're either trying very hard to be PC by removing "god" from it or they had to shorten it so the voice actors could say it in time. Could be a mix of both.

And then again they might just have gotten back the guys that translated Suikoden III.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Twilight Rune

The two runes that were created when the Night Rune severed it's bond to the Sun Rune are called the Dawn and Dusk runes in the Japanese game.

The translators either fell into the common trap of confusing dusk with twilight or expressed that artistic freedom they oh so love.

In actuality twilight refers to the period of time when the sun is below the horizon but still casts light. In other words, twilight is the period at dawn and dusk, not a synonym to dusk.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC