If you equip the Slash rune you will get a new command in battles called "Flashes". It's very strange... this should have been Slash or Slice, possibly they were going for Slashes but someone messed up.

Someone realized it though cause it's been fixed in the PAL version and is called "Slash" instead.

Versions: NTSC UC


The word in Japanese was Nekobold, which is a fusion of the words Neko and Kobold (Neko means Cat in Japanese). A smarter translation would simply have been "Cat-Kobold".

I wonder if the translator actually thought the "Ne" was for "Nei" (Japanese spelling for the island Nay) or if he seriously thought it was better than Cat-Kobold, or even Cobold.

For his sake I hope they never appear in a game outside the Island Nations or it will be intersting to see how they can be "Nay-Kobolds" if they aren't even from Nay...

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

True Holy Rune

The Japanese word for Stallion/Cedric's rune is literally translated to "Truly Divine Transportation Method Rune". The translator saw "divine" and managed to get it to "holy" and added with the "true" in the beginning came up with the "True Holy Rune".

Unfortunatly for him, it's not even a True Rune. It's merely a rare rune that Stallion and Cedric were born with.

A better translation of this would have been "Godspeed Rune".

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC