Anyone we know?

When Hugo confronts Luc, Luc tells him of Dharma and Chaos and he responds with the nonsensical "Who are dharma and chaos? Anyone we know? Heh, heh!"

It's supposed to be "Order and Chaos? Huh? I don't care about that!"

Versions: NTSC UC

Dark Wind

When recruiting Ayame she will mention the 'Dark Wind'. This is the organization she and Watari belong to. However, the word used was 'kage', which means shadow. Where they got 'Wind' from is anyone's guess.

This should have been called 'the Shadow', or even 'the Kage' as Kage is a character from previous games.

Versions: NTSC UC


One of the main themes of the game is the struggle between Order and Chaos. Only the translator decided to excercise some "artistic freedom" and replaced "Order" with "Dharma".

Never mind that Dharma isn't the same as Order cause who cares about translations being accurate? Not Konami that's for sure.

Versions: NTSC UC

Fire Bringer

Not only did they decide to ignore the continuity set by Suikoden II, where the group is called "Keepers of the Flame", but they also decided to butcher it translation wise and gramatically.

Who came up with the brilliant idea of using a singular word to refer to a group of people will probably never be known but he'll always be remembered for the idiot he is.

Versions: NTSC UC

Flame Champion

The word for the Flame Champion is Hono'o no Eiyuu. Hono'o means Fire / Flame, so far so good. However, eiyuu means "hero" not champion. You'd have to be rather generous in how much slack you allow in your translations to get it to that.

Not only is it wrong, it breaks the continuity from Suikoden II where he was established as the Fire Hero.

Versions: NTSC UC


It's supposed to be Hoover. That's it, nothing more to it.

We're not going to mention that Fubar is short for "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition". It might embarress someone at Konami.

Versions: NTSC UC

Goss Rune

Ever wondered what the hell a Goss is? You're not the only one, but it's actually Gozu. Gozu is an ox-headed demon in buddhist hell, paired with Mezu who is horse-headed. Gozu literally means ox-head, the rune image also represents this. Thusly it should be the Ox-head Rune if we want to stay away from mythology few people would get.

Not that I would expect the translators to know esoteric things like that, but when you come up with "Goss" as a translation perhaps it's a good idea to ask yourself: Does this make sense? Might also want to consider if you really should change that z to an s while you're at it.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC


Here we go with the artistic freedom again... The name was literally Jakku, the Japanese spelling of Jack.

Thank you mr.Translator for that... it didn't ruin the symbolism of Geddoe's unit being the suited cards of a deck or anything either, you know the Jack, Queen, Ace, Joker deal?

Versions: NTSC UC


In the 6th POV when you see the extended scene between Luc and Sasarai, Sasarai will say "Well well... it's been 15 years." upon seeing Luc. Which is a funny sentence since he looks like he just saw a ghost.

It's easily explained though by looking at the original dialouge. In the Japanese version he said "You! It's you from 15 years ago!" which goes a lot better with his facial expression.

So again we have two different scenarios, in the English one he's apparently greeting an old friend and in the Japanese version he's in shock over seeing the person that caused Harmonia to withdraw from the Dunan Unification War.

Versions: NTSC UC

Roaring Brotherhood

If you choose Chris as the Flame Champion you will get a scene with Wyatt when you get the True Water Rune, he will explain that he had to leave because the Howling Voice Guild was after him. Unfortunatly Konami disregarded continuity again and refer to it as the Roaring Brotherhood, which apart from being inaccurate is just silly.

Versions: NTSC UC

Sana the Fire Hero

When Geddoe arrives at the Hideaway he says "It's been a while Sana. Or should I say [FH name]..."

Of course, like most of the translations in the game this doesn't make a lick of sense. That's because it's supposed to say "It's been a while Sana. And you too [FH name]...". Yeah, he's greeting two seperate people.

Versions: NTSC UC

Star Dragon Sword

In Japanese the kanjis for "Star" and "Dragon" put together make the word "Zodiac", the translator was apparently unaware of this and simply translated the words by themselves.

So yeah, our favourite talking sword is actually supposed to be called the "Zodiac Sword".

Versions: NTSC UC

Zexen Rune

At a certain point in the game Chris says "the Zexen Knights swear an oath on the Zexen Rune". Only problem is: there is no such rune.

It's supposed to be the "Zexen Crest".

In Japanese the word used for "Rune" also means "Crest" or "Emblem", so the translator obviously got confused about what it was. Though you'd think that the existance of something like a "Zexen Rune" would be a bit dubious...

Versions: NTSC UC