Charm Arrow

Like the Japanese name for the rune, the spell is called "Hama". Hama in this case literally means "destroy evil spirit", thus the spell is Exorcism.

Do note that the word "hamaya" could technically mean Charm Arrow but you can't go adding letters to word to fit your translation. Work with what you got.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC


The third spell of the Soul Eater is called Hell. Though the original text reads meifu which is Japanese for Hades or Realm of Death.

Most likely this is simply a case of dumbing things down for the player on the assumption that most people are unfamilair with Greek mythology in general. For those wondering Hades is where mortals go when they die according to Greek mythology, after being judged you can be sent on to either Tartarus or Elysium.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Medical Officer

The game refers to Mathiu as the "Medical Officer" throughout the game. He is actually the strategist, and an extraordinary one at that.

The problem here is most likely that the translator misread the kanji for gunshi (strategist) as guni (military physician). It's certainly close, but then again it keeps happening so maybe the translator just had the two mixed up. Both words share a kanji so it's not impossible.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Resurrection Rune

Japanese name for this rune is "Hama". Hama in this case literally means "destroy evil spirit", thus you should call it the Exorcism Rune.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Star Dragon Sword

In Japanese the kanjis for "Star" and "Dragon" put together make the word "Zodiac", the translator was apparently unaware of this and simply translated the words by themselves.

So yeah, our favourite talking sword is actually supposed to be called the "Zodiac Sword".

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Silverberg Heritage

When you go to Sarady with Odessa she might start talking about her family, in particular her father Leon Silverberg.

This is a mistranslation, Leon is her (and Mathiu's) uncle.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

True Holy Rune

The Japanese word for Stallion/Cedric's rune is literally translated to something similair to "Truly Divine Transportation Method". The translator saw "divine" and managed to get it to "holy" and added with the "true" in the beginning came up with the "True Holy Rune".

Unfortunatly for him, it's not even a True Rune. It's merely a rare rune that Stallion and Cedric were born with.

A better translation of this would have been "Godspeed Rune".

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

White Castle

Once you defeat the Zombie Dragon you'll be asked to name your new castle and everyone will chime in with their suggestions.

Camille will say "How about White Castle?" but this is just... wrong. The original line is "Orange Castle!"

We're not even trying here, are we? If you're a fan of the series you should be in on the joke that is Orange.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC

Wind Rune

When Luc summons the Golem to fight you he says: "Wind Rune...". Unfortunatly the translators left a little something out.

He's supposed to say "True Wind Rune...". That's right. The True Wind Rune has been in the series since the first installment.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC