Bribe Glitch

If you very quickly press X once you've chosen "Bribe" you can glitch the game to get it to end even boss battles.

It does require that you have enough money for the bribe to work, but it's an easy way to win against a boss you're having trouble with. Like the Zombie Dragon perhaps.

Do note that you will not get any experience, money or item if you do it.

There may also be version differences, in the PAL version you can bribe the Golden Hydra but apparently not in the NTSC version.

Versions: NTSC UC / PAL

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

A lot of places on the net will tell you that the Earth rune spells Clay Guardian and Guardian Earth will raise your defense.

It doesn't matter which version you play, the spells have no effect what-so-ever. This has been tested extensively and it simply doesn't work, not even the latest release (PSP) fixed this.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC / NTSC J

Shop 2nd Floor

There's an Item shop that has stairs leading up to the second floor, but if you try to go up there the shop owner will stop you.

It doesn't matter which version you play, you can't get up there. Not even in the Japanese game. There simply isn't anything there, it's something the develepors never finished, but you can see their intentions in Suikoden II where there's a similair store which Viki can teleport you to.

Versions: PAL / NTSC UC / NTSC J