Blue Gate Rune

Okay, so technically we are preserving continuity from Suikoden III but that doesn't mean much when that was wrong to begin with.

The translators were kind enough to explain that reverting to "Blue" would be too confusing for the players so they stuck with "Pale". Though apparently that wasn't a problem with Sindar or the Godspeed Rune since they ignored continuity on that... who is it we're trying not to confuse again?

Versions: NTSC UC/PAL

Godspeed Rune

Wow, only took five games to get True Holy Rune right. Finally. Maybe for Suikoden VI we can start calling the Star Dragon Sword the Zodiac Sword instead?

Versions: NTSC UC/PAL

Minotaur Rune

Okay, so we've gone from Gozz to Goss and now to Minotaur. At least we're heading in the right direction.

And yes, the difference might be esoteric but a minotaur is not exactly an ox-head.

Versions: NTSC UC/PAL


Last we heard of them (Suikoden III) they were called Cyndar, though they were called Sindar in Suikoden II. Could we pick one and stick to it Konami?

Versions: NTSC UC/PAL