About the Site

What about it? - This site is a constant work in progress as more games are released and more mistakes are found. It is aimed to be the most comprehensive list of these things and is under constant update.

Why is it called "Keepers of the Flame"? - The site is called Keepers of the Flame partly cause of the translation/continuity error in the series, partly cause some people take offense at it and they tend to "flame" the site and partly cause I like the Fake Fire Hero, Clant.

Why is the translation such a big deal? - Because I feel that I am entitled to a good translation, especially since I pay good money for it. If you don't think so, fine, good for you but I'm not you and I'm entitled to my own opinion.

What about the Continuity? - I am of the opinion that continuity should be preserved as much as possible, and frankly it would not be too much to ask of Konami to check their own previous games when they translate a new entry.

I do support breaking continuity if it's in favour of replacing an incorrect translation, like if they decided to start calling the Star Dragon Sword the Zodiac sword instead.


This site would not have been possible without the help of the following people (listed in no particular order):

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